Tuesday, December 11, 2007

WOW! ICE STORM is almost over.

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The Ice Storm is almost over, overnight there will be a North wind 10-15 mph, some Light Freezing Drizzle/Rain and/or Snow Flurries. Temperatures as of 8:48pm are just at 32 degrees. The Sidewalks,Decks, and surfaces will freeze tonight. The Main Roads will stay fine, but the Side Roads will be slick. We were so close to having a Major Ice Storm, but temperatures were just enough above freezing to keep today's rain mainly a cold, soaking rain!! As you can see on the map above, provided by the National Weather Service in Kansas City:
  • KC and South of I-70 had 1/4" of Ice.
  • KC and North of I-70 has 1/4"-1"+.
Saint Joseph has see alot of devastation with Power Lines everywhere, Power Outages everywhere, tree branches, and whole trees all over the place.
Now South I-70 there were scattered Power Outages, the Weather Cast Plus Weather Center did not have a power outage, but we did have some damage.
There still could be some problems tonight as the Winds pick up from the North 10-15 mph. And as temperatures start falling, Freezing Drizzle could cause a little bit more ice accumulation of 1/10" or Less. Here is a photo I took of the damage, here at the Weather Cast Plus Weather Center:

(click to enlarge). Send in your ICE STORM photos to me: stafandt@earthlink.net


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