Saturday, December 1, 2007

5 Day updated

The Weather Cast PLUS 5 Day is updated, click on the link to the right under KC Weather Blog Links.


  1. I'm going to rephrase that...that video was hilarious...

  2. um...its not going to be 70 on are entitled to your opinion...but I don't think it will hit 40 degrees...

  3. yeah from the looks of the models december 9th and 10th could be interesting.

    am I the only one here?

  4. Yah, oops! On the new 5 day I think it will be low to mid 30s. 35-38F.

    I have slow Dial Up so I have to shrink the video size :(. And I am able to make the Quality a little bit better.

  5. Brent,

    I just checked the video and I have it as 42 degrees for Sunday.(tomorrow)

  6. get rid of dial up and go to DSL!!!.its totally way better....

    a friend of mine is doing that on the 4th.

    thanks for fixing that forecast

    any snow sometime soon?

  7. Today I was busy! Saturday's is work day around our house. (cleaning up the whole house is hard with 1 sister,4 brothers. I am the oldest. 17) Chance of snow tomorrow. No accumulation expected. :(

  8. ah, we usually don't do a lot on weekends...

    I am almost 17 now.

    yeah I heard there may be some snow showers...thats a little bonus to keep us from commiting suicide from the depression of this last storm eh?...ah but in my case we will probably just get rain all day...and I'll just end up getting more depressed and commiting suicide anyway...

    (I'm such a pessimist) rofl


  9. and..... Brent just commited suicide due to the fact that no snow fell...