Saturday, December 8, 2007

Winter/ICE Storm update 11:45pm

Take a look at the radar from 11:30pm:

As expected Freezing Rain is increasing and as you can see there are some Lighting icons showing up. So there could be some Thunder freezing rain!! Ice Accumulations are going to be a little lower because the precip. has just started to really fire up. About .10"-.15" can be expected in the KC Area. Farther South you go, Ice accumulations will be around .25"-.50". Be careful and have a great night.


  1. thanks for using my pictures andrew...I sent some more that are much better....

    It looks like a major ice storm for early next week!

    I like the new blog a lot...what are you doing to it?

  2. Brent,
    Thanks! I got them!
    This storm is going to be interesting.

    I've been just playing around with blog templates that blogger provides.