Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Snow Likely? A White Christmas?

Good Evening,

I have just updated the 5 Day Forecast on the website. Below is the 00z GFS valid at 6pm Saturday, it forecast for the southern storm to be a little stronger before phasing into the northern storm system. I have put the forecasted track of both storms to where they both phase into one big storm.
click to enlarge
As for the White CHRISTmas, the chance is up to a 30% as there is another storm system forecasted to develop and swing south of us. So, after 10-20 years of Brown Christmases could we finally have a white one? We'll will see.


  1. last time you said 7 to 10 inches for our area....we got 3.75

    a little optimistic eh?

  2. yah, I'll update the blog tonight. It's been a busy week, the kids getting out of school (my brothers and sister). My mom has a baby due around January 28,2008 and had to go to the hospital for a bad cough.