Thursday, December 6, 2007

Winter Storm Update: 9:15am

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Update: 9:30am It's snowing in Olathe at the Weather Cast Plus Weather Center!
A report just came in that snow is falling in Lawrence. There still could be a mix. Stay tuned.
It's not snowing yet! Take a look at First Alert Storm Scan Doppler from 8:56am. Right now none of the precip. is falling in KC right now. It appears that the Snow Line, where the snow and/or Freezing Rain or Sleet is Falling. Notice that Lawrence reported at 8:52am a mix of Snow/Sleet. Should start changing over soon. Please Send in your reports through out the day. Is it snowing in your area yet? What is it doing in your area?

More updates coming!
Be Safe!


  1. lol you make a lot of blogs...but theres no posts on any of measured about 6/10th of an inch...mostly sleet though....

    weekends looking good to me!

  2. Yah, just updated the blog! With the latest image.