Monday, December 10, 2007

Ice Storm Update:11:38pm

Update: 12:12 am
Click to enlarge radar image above. This is what will happen for the remainder of the night. Read the entry from 11:38pm for more info.
Temperatures have warmed up to around 32 degrees, this will help with the ice accumulations. This appears that it will not be a major ice storm. It still is causing problems, scattered power outages are happening across the area. Please Send in your photos and you ICE reports:
I'll have more tomorrow. A ICE STORM Warning is still in effect until midnight late tuesday night.
At the Weather Cast PLUS Weather Center 11:35pm:
Temp: 32.5 F
Dewpoint: 28.5 F
Humidity: 85%
Winds: 0 mph East
Precip: 0.08"
ICE Accumulation Estimated: .10"-.15" or less. Power Lines,and trees sagging a little bit.
Be Safe!

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