Sunday, December 2, 2007

Thursday's Storm

Good Sunday Evening,

Take a look at the GFS (click to enlarge)Valid 6pm Friday:

The blue 540 line is where the rain/snow line is, as you can see it is just south of Kansas City. So could it be snowing Thursday and Friday? Right now Thursday looks like it will be a mix, some sleet, snow, and Rain is possible. Maybe even some Freezing Rain. This is still a few day away, so We'll have to what the New Data tomorrow has. The 5 Day Forecast has been updated, just click the links to your right. And Don't forget to sign up for the KC Weather Mailing list at KC Weather Website. Also, Check out Premium Weather, you can get a FREE 14 DAY Trial, or check out StormLAB Radar by Storm Alert Inc. Makes a Great CHRISTmas gift!!

Have a Great Night,


  1. Just a thought..why did you empahsize Christ, in Christmas?

    I would not look forward to thrusday...its another bust snowwise...a miniscule chance of sleet or fr. rain

  2. Yah, I know big bust.

    I decided to do that,just because it's getting sickening how every year people are starting to say "Happy Holidays"instead of "Merry Christmas". Especially in the United States, when this nation was built on Biblical principles. I support President Bush, I know He's a Christian. Sometimes He makes mistakes,but I know He is a godly person. I definitely don't want Clinton or Barrack Obama as President.

  3. ok, don't why I started talking about Presidents and stuff. I am thinking about alot of stuff right now, from weather to president to getting my homework done!! I'm going to be 18 next year (Sept. 17) which means I'll be voting for the first time ever!

  4. I write a new blog, when the new 18z data (12pm)comes in this afternoon

  5. I was asking because its nice that some people remember what Christmas is about, I am a Christain and I also think that Bush would be better than any other candidate running for offive next year

    has the data come out yet?

  6. The NAM is coming out to check it out go to this site:

    The 18z which is 12pm is the new one.

    00z is 6pm
    06z is 12am
    12z is 6am

    For UTC Time conversions:

  7. Thanks for Agreeing with me!
    May America get back on track! Getting rid of homosexuality, and alot of other things