Thursday, December 13, 2007

Snow Forecast for Friday Night through Saturday

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Good Evening,

Here is the Snowfall Forecast for Tomorrow night. I do think 7-10"+ is possible. We do have A Winter Storm Watch for Friday Night through Saturday Afternoon. I'll have more tomorrow, as things can and will change fast.


  1. Yah, I know! Now from a Winter Storm Watch to a Snow Advisory, not really what I like. Usually means less snow totals. :(

  2. Thanks for your blog - I like to read different opinions / perspectives on the forecast! And while I'm no fan of ice, I love the snow. So I say again, Yippee, Snow!!! Hopefully the weather service downgrade doesn't mean much.

    Gary in Overland Park, AKA anonomous.

  3. Gary,
    Your Welcome! I think we might get upgraded to a Heavy Snow Warning. Crossed fingers. Right now I think I might move the 7-10+" to the west a little still clipping Olathe, Downtown KC, but much more of Kansas them Missouri.