Saturday, December 22, 2007

Snowfall Forecast

Good late Evening,

It's currently 12:12am, the first day of Winter as official arrived!! Below (click to enlarge) is the Snow and Blowing Snow Advisory, which I do expect will be upgraded to a Winter Storm Warning, maybe even a Blizzard Warning as winds will gust tomorrow afternoon from the NE at 25-30mph. Add that with the Moderate to Heavy Snow Showers; we could see white-out conditions.

Now onto the Snowfall Forecast below (click to enlarge) the 00z data seems to have the bullseye right on Kansas City, so I'm going with 5"-7"+ possible. Right now I lean to the 5" range with locally heavier amounts of 6"+. Right now the chance for a White Christmas is up to a 70% chance!!

I'll have more in about 8-10 hours!!


  1. I'm excited about heavy snow BUT we have a christmas party in liberty at 5 pm. and don't want to take forever to go 6 miles to liberty. Is this going to snowman building kind of snow or fluffy?

  2. Ice Dogg,

    It should be a good packing snow, but as temps go down, it could turn into fluffy snow.