Saturday, December 1, 2007

Weather Cast PLUS

Weather Cast PLUS Video is updated:


  1. yeah...the vid didn't work...

    I used to use abeka, then we tried saxon at least for I am with Bob jones university for everything but math which I use math u see...

    thanks for taking out the code thing

  2. Cool. Your welcome, try the it again, I;m putting it in the KC weather links area now.

  3. that video is really funny....its cool that you have your own forecast and might want a better recoreder maybe...its kind of choppy...

    70 on sunday?

    I'll be back later on today

  4. I have slow Dial Up, so all I can do it shrink the video size, causing it to not be as of good quality.

    70s on Sunday?

    I think it will be 36F or 35F