Sunday, December 23, 2007

Grading Time

Good Afternoon,
Here's a quick little project for you guys to do:
- Grade yesterday's Snow Forecast (the Final Forecast from the 3:45pm blog post below)
- Send in your snowfall reports
I'll blog more on our next storm system,plus, Snow Fall Totals, later tonight,
Merry Christmas,


  1. I rate you a D

    sorry...but your totals were way too high for the whole metro....

    don't listen to come up with your own forecast...just because he goes outlandishly high..dsoesn't mean you have to...

  2. Thanks! My rating is D- too. That's pretty good seeing that I'm in High School, and don't have a Meteorology degree yet!! The hard thing if figuring out the Snow to Rain Ratio. I thought it was 10:1.

  3. Good blog...Do you have a website? I'm look for YOUR predictions.......

  4. Gary B,

    Click on KC Weather Website in Links section.

  5. Look in last blog post below this one.