Thursday, December 6, 2007

Winter Storm Update: 11:25am

It is coming down real hard, I can't find my "Snow ruler" so estimating about 1" has fell,here at the Weather Center. You can see on the radar Heavy Snow will continue with about 2-3" for the Total. Send in your measurements and any Pictures that you have taken!



  1. Andrew, you have a great website, but if you want to attract visitors, it has to be different from Lezak's. Find something you love in weather land that he doesn't do. I'm not dishing you, but your comments might as well come from Lezaks's blog.....Think outside the box and maybe you are. Just, first impressions for me was looking at an extension of Lezak's blog... And there's about 25 of them out there at last count.
    I do like the visuals.. The maps, etc. Lezak doesn't do that enough. I am very impressed with that part and your updates.
    GaryB. I'm mostly impressed that I don't have to use a stupid sign in thing.....

  2. Thanks! I was about to update again too. Your welcome about the sign in thing.