Friday, December 7, 2007

Arctic COLD Front/Complex Weekend Storm

As you can see from the above maps (click to enlarge) another shot of reinforcing Arctic Air is on it's way. It will be modified just a little bit,as it moves through Tonight. There is a growing snow pack up north and this snow pack will play a little roll in what will happen this weekend. Below is the 850 mb (4000-5000 Ft above earths surface) temps forecast. (click to enlarge) That big thick blue that is over KC or just north of KC is the 32F degree line or the freezing line. This is really important because the warmer air just above the surface, would the melt the snow into rain, but because it appears for right now that Temperatures will be around 32 degrees or below. We could see Freezing Rain,Sleet,Rain,or Snow. It could be a major Ice Storm,but right now this is a Very Complex Storm System. I'll have more later when the 18z data comes out.

Be Safe! And send in your weather photos to .


  1. of course its a very complicated storm system! even Gary can't figure it out.

  2. Brent,
    I know and just issued was a Winter Storm Watch.