Saturday, December 15, 2007

Snow Storm update: 11:30am

Good Late Morning,

Take a look at the radar, Light to Moderate Snow continues through the area.
With a few Heavy pockets.
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So far here at the Weather Cast PLUS Weather Center: 1.4" of Snow, there has also, been some freezing Drizzle!! WOW!! Super Cooled droplets are still becoming drizzle mixed with snow. The whole Atmosphere is below 32 degrees! Amazing. We still might be able to get a Snow to total of 3-5"+. Send in your Snow Reports and later I'll make a list of Snow Totals! Thanks!


  1. The snow is really nice to look at, but it is so powdery that it isn't accumulating very fast. I hope we get a big snowstorm soon! :)

  2. is this Andrew the first grader?

  3. No, I'm in 11th Grade

  4. said 5 to 8...nice try but we got 3.75...sorry...

    lol rude comments...they perpetually haunt me...

    ironic....I'm in 11th also....

    did you get my pictures andrew?


  5. lol theres no way you got 70 people to participate in your survey!

    thats edited right?

  6. Brent,

    Yes, I got your pictures, and No I did not edit the Poll. I did extend the time until is closes, so it has been opened for about 3-4 wks.