Monday, December 17, 2007

Update:11pm Another Storm System for this weekend?

Good Evening,

Above is the NWS Estimated Snow Totals (click to enlarge). After lowering the totals Saturday Afternoon to 3-5" which was just about right. I rate the forecast a C-. I should of known not to go for 7-8" of Snow. The Storm System was just too weak, and now it has became a BIG Northeaster !! I am updating the 5 Day Forecast Finally, and I'll have it ready and online between 10:15pm and 10:30pm. We have another Storm System coming toward us for next weekend. The questions are:
  • Will the storm track North or South of KC?
  • If the storm tracks south:
  • Will it be cold enough for snow?
  • Will it be cold enough throughout the atmosphere for snow?
  • Could it be Freezing Rain/Sleet?
Update: Take a look at the new GFS (click to enlarge), valid on Saturday at 6am,it shows the forecast track for the storm system to be a little bit more southerly, this would mean SNOW again for the weekend!! This is still a few days away, so lets see what the trend is tomorrow. Have you Noticed? All the weekends,so far,in December have had either Rain, Snow,Sleet, or Freezing rain!! Amazing!

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