Thursday, January 10, 2008

It's Snowing.... Aloft!

Good Morning,

Take a look at the latest radar image (click to enlarge):

You can the precip is coming to a end from West to east. We are getting drysloted at the ULL and Surface low move right over us. This will cause the winds to come from the North and the temperatures will start to come down, I do expect another band of precip to develop later this afternoon, if temperatures are cold enough, we could see some Snowflakes. As of 9:15am the Snowfall forecast from last night has not changed. Please Send in your Rain totals!

Weather Cast PLUS Weather Center Conditions 9:17am:

Temperature: 39.2 F
Humidity : 85%
Dewpoint : 35F
Winds : 5mph SSE
Rain Total : 0.34"

Another update around Noon!

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