Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Grading Time, and Tornado Photos

Wow! It did it again, the heaviest snow was North, and Northwest of KC. Here at the Weather Center we got 2.3". Send in your Snow Totals, and I will put them on here. Now time to grade, how do you think I did, scroll to the last blog post to see the Snowfall Forecast from 11:15pm. I rate myself a C-. For tornado photos go to . Send in your Weather Photos to: .
There is a  chance of Light snow tomorrow, new data is coming. More around 10:30pm.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Updated: 11:15pm

Good Late Evening,
Below is the latest snowfall Forecast, things have shifted again!! The 6"-12"+ appears to be likely up north now. The KC Metro will about 2"-6" with more north and west of KC. If there is any Thunder-Snow then that will increase the amounts in isolated areas.
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Also, here is the Central Plains Loop (click to enlarge, then loop), can you find the Upper Level Low? The Snow is developing across Kansas with the heaviest,again,being north and west of KC. The Severe T-Storms which have cause major devastation in Arkansas, Tennessee continue to move east along the Cold Front. I'll try to get pictures tomorrow from those areas. Speaking of Pictures, send in your snow photos to:

More updates will come if needed,

Snow Fall Forecast

Good Afternoon,

Here is the latest snowfall forecast below, I do think that 3-6" will fall in the Metro. 6-10"+ are possible up by St. Joseph!
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The latest warnings,and advisories:

I-70 and North have a Winter Storm Warnings, I-70 and South have a Winter Weather Advisory. I do think however, that that Johnson County,KS,and Jackson County,Mo and few other counties along I-70 will be included in the Winter Storm Warning later today. We have a little break for now, then around 3-4pm, Freezing Rain,Sleet,and Snow will develop, and by around 7-8pm we should all have snow in the area, except for places down South like Harrisonville,Mo which might not see the changeover until around Midnight or so. The SPC has also issued the 1st High Risk of Severe Weather of the season for parts of Arkansas,Missourri,and Tennessee. So this storm system is very strong.

Stay Tuned for more updates!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Snow Storm Watch

Good evening,

Here's the latest Winter Storm Watches/Advisories:

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As you can see, we have a Winter Storm Watch, and there is just southeast of KC;a Severe Thunder Storm Watch!! New data is coming out, right now it appears it will start out as Freezing Drizzle, then changeover to all snow by 7pm Tuesday. Snow Totals appear for now to be around 2"-5" in the Kansas City Metro Area. St. Joseph and areas up north could get 6"-12" of snow.

As soon as the newest GFS comes out, I will try update this blog with a Snowfall Forecast.