Sunday, September 30, 2007

Severe T-Storm Watch until 8pm

Good Afternoon,
A Severe T-Storm Watch is in effect until 8pm tonight. Please Watch the Weather out there. There is a small chance of a Tornado,but mostly just damaging winds, and large hail are the main threats, you can listen to the NOAA NWS Weather Radio on the KC Weather website by clicking on Live NOAA Weather Radio.
Be safe,

Saturday, September 29, 2007

70% Chance of rain Sunday

Good Saturday Evening,
I have upped the chance of rain for tomorrow to a 70% chance. I expect a good wipespread 0.50"-0.75', with isolated 1"+. Please Send in your Rain totals tomorrow. I will try to update the 5 Day Forecast tomorrow as there is another good chance of rain around Tuesday. The race will still go on tomorrow with T-storms around 2pm or so, it should only rain for about and hour or so, as the Cold Front is a fast mover.
Have a Great 2nd Half of the Weekend,

Friday, September 28, 2007

50% chance of Rain Sunday

below- GFS 7pm Sun, click to enlarge
Good Friday Evening,

The weather is going to be great this weekend, at least, most of it anyway. Above is the GFS for Sunday at 7pm. It has the Cold Front coming in around 7pm, which would me some stronger storms are possible, but the NAM has it come in the Morning hours around 7am. I am staying with Afternoon to early evening scenario. New data will be coming in soon, and I will update the blog Tomorrow on what I think it will do. There is another Cold Front on the way for Tuesday, I am getting confident in the rain chances for that one as well, which already up to a 50% chance of T-storms. We in what is called the Second Severe Weather Season, so we will keep you updated!

Have a Great Friday night,

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Tuesday's Rain Totals

Good Evening,

Here are some Rain Totals from Tuesday:

  • 56th & Holmes, MO: 2.90"
  • 87th & Lachman, KS: 2.60"
  • Grain Valley, MO: 2.00"
  • Blue Springs, MO: 1.60"
  • 65th & Metcalf, KS: 1.60"
  • 99th & Antioch, KS: 1.51"
  • North Lee's Summit, MO: 1.25"
  • Olathe North High School, KS: 1.01"
  • Merriam, KS (48th & Knox): 1.04"
  • Raytown, MO: 1.00"
  • Clinton, MO: 1.00"
  • 143rd & Nall, KS: 0.94"
  • Roeland Park, KS: 0.91"
  • 151st & Pflumm, KS: 0.90"
  • Drexel, MO: 0.84"
  • 143rd & Blackbob, KS: 0.80"
  • Grandview, MO: 0.60"
  • Kingsville, MO: 0.60"
  • Pleasanton, KS: 0.30"
  • 68th & Leavenworth Road, KS: 0.05"
The weekend Cold Front is still going to give us a chance of rain Sunday Night, with this Cold Front there is a Slight Risk for Severe Weather. So stay Tuned. Please continue to SEND IN YOUR RAIN TOTALS! Weather Cast Plus upgrades are going well, as we try to update Weather Cast again. We have a NEW Feature called Weather Cast Plus Podcasts, it is still in Beta Testing, so please test it out and Report any problems to us. Remember to tell others about our website!!

Have a Great Wednesday Evening,



Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Rain, Rain, and some Lightning

Good Tuesday Morning,
It's raining!!! I have update the blog later, the chance of more Rain and T-Storms developing is at a 30%. PLEASE SEND IN YOUR RAIN TOTALS, and when I update the blog later, I will create a list of totals, and put them on the blog.
Enjoy the Rain!!
Have a Great Tuesday,

Monday, September 24, 2007

UPDATE-80% Chance of Rain Tomorrow, 2-3" possible

(above) FutureCast- click to enlarge

***UPDATE: 9:40pm*** The new data says we could see 2-3" and in Isolated spots 4"+!! Look at the FutureCast above, around11am Tomorrow is paints Very Heavy Rain around the KC Metro Area!! I'll blog tomorrow morning about what the overnight data says!!

Have a Great Night,
Good Early Evening,
The Rain chance for tomorrow is up to a 80%!! Wipe spread rain I do expect, but how much? I'm still not sure, new data will be rolling in, so I'll update this blog later. In other news, we finally got the Chroma Key Backdrop, and are testing it out.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

More Rain on the way?

It's 10:06pm right now, keep sending in those Rain Totals from Today and any that you guys get tonight! Two images- The first is a look at First Alert Storm Scan Doppler Radar (right)at 10:02pm, that line of Thunderstorms entering Northeastern Kansas and Northwestern Missouri is coming this way and should be here around 12:30 am in the morning!! The 2nd image is a look at Future Cast (above) that I just made, showing the heavy rain coming through the city. I expect 0.50"-1.00" of rain from this, and isolated spots of 2" or more. I'll blog Tomorrow Morning.
Have a Great Night,

Wide Spread Rain Finally!!

Good Tuesday Evening,
Finally KC gets some well needed and deserved widespread rainfall!!
Some Rain Totals:
  • Platte City -1.10"
  • By Olathe North HS- 0.85"
  • The Northland - 0.80"
  • Lenexa -0.77"
  • Prairie Village - 0.70"
  • 151st and Pflumm - 0.70"
  • Waldo area of KC - 0.65"
  • Grain Valley -0.40"
  • Lees Summit -0.35"
  • Grandview -0.35"
Send in your Rain Totals Please!! Either by clicking on comments and write a comment or by Emailing me at
***Also don't forget to sign up to be on the KC Weather Mailing list just go to the KC Weather Home Page ( ) and scroll down to where it says sign up for website alerts. ***
Have a Great Evening,

Afternoon Storms

Good Tuesday Afternoon,
Yesterday I turned 17!! There is a line of Thunderstorms lining up from Texas through Nebraska, will it make here in KC, I think it might. Just stay tuned here to the KC Weather Blog and I keep you updated. No Severe Weather is expected, maybe some gusty winds, and small hail, but that's it. I update the blog later.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Cooler Tomorrow, Rain Saturday?

Good Evening Bloggers,

The image on the Left is the forecast for Friday, there is only a 20% Chance of and Isolated shower mainly in the morning. On Saturday, the chance of rain is up to a 30%. It could go up tonight, so, check back in Tomorrow morning to see if it has gone up or down!!

(Above-Friday's Forecast click to enlarge)

The Tropics and Weekend Weather


Good Thursday Morning,

Hurricane Humberto has made land fall as a minimal hurricane, Category one. Our Weather is staying a little cool today, in the morning anyway, then it warms up to around 85F!! Looking at the new data, there is a 20% Chance of rain Saturday as warm air comes back in. Look at the two pictures (click to enlarge) I posted comparing KCI's Year-to-Date Rainfall with Johnson County Executive Airports Year-to-date rainfall amounts. Amazing! They are not too far from each other! Look how much JOCO Executive Airport (31.81) has compared to KCI (22.33)! JOCO Executive Airport has 9.48 more inches of rain than KCI!! I'll blog later on the chance of rain!! Don't forget to write a comment or two on what you think of this!!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Rain Finally!

Good Friday Morning,
It finally rained! With some Severe Weather, there were some Power Outages, but a Widespread Rainfall has finally occurred. Below is some Rain fall Totals, PLEASE Click on comments and click on Post a comment and SEND IN YOUR RAIN TOTALS, ESTIMATED OR A REAL TOTAL FROM A RAIN GAUGE!! I blog later!
Rainfall reports:
  • St. Joseph, MO:  2.00"
  • Kansas City, KS:  1.75"
  • Western Shawnee, KS:  1.75"
  • 105th and Antioch, KS:  1.60"
  • 96th & Flintlock:  1.50"
  • 87th & Metcalf, KS:  1.48"
  • Lee's Summit, MO:  1.42"
  • 151st & Pflumm, KS:  1.40"
  • 95th & Roe, KS:  1.40"
  • Olathe North HS: 1.36"
  • KCI airport, MO:  1.30"
  • East Lawrence, KS:  1.28"
  • 135th & Quivira, KS:  1.20"
  • Near Buckner, MO:  1.20"
  • Downtown KC, MO:  1.11"
  • 142nd & Nall, KS:  0.96"
  • 138th & Roe, KS:  0.80"
  • Grain Valley, MO:  0.50"
  • Odessa, MO:  0.40"

Thursday, September 6, 2007


Good Thursday Evening,

Will it rain or will all the rain vanish when getting to KC? Thats remains to be seen, right now I would say there is a 50% Chance that it will rain here in KC. Upgrades continue to go well, as we experiment with chroma key! So, Stay Tuned!

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