Sunday, January 13, 2008

Arctic Air Watch, and Sunday's Records.

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Sunday's Record's

High 68F (1996)
Low -14F (1916)

Wow! Hard to believe it was 68 degrees back in 1996;But could you imagine a Low of 14 Below Zero!! That's Frigid!! And the Frigid air looks to be coming this way for the end of the Work week. Look below at the surface temperature map Valid Wednesday Night.
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Wow! All the way up in Northern Canada temps 35 Below Zero!! Now the Arctic Cold Front will be on our doorstep Wednesday Night/Thursday Morning. The Arctic Air will be modified a bit with lows in the low Twenties and Highs in the low Thirties. I made a graphic (below) that shows what will happen Thursday as the Cold Air comes in. The Low will really be in Northern Canada by Hudson Bay, The High will be in northern Alberta;but I put on the map below just to show what happens.

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