Monday, July 30, 2007


Good Morning,
Rain has been falling in KS like crazy.  I'll updated later. Send in your totals please.

Here are some rainfall totals from Sunday:\

  • 3.40"     151st & Pflumm
  • 2.89"   151st & Mur-len
  • 1.70"   95th & Antioch
  • 1.17"   79th & Lachman
  • 1.30"   99th & Antioch
  • 0.40"   103rd & Antioch
  • 0.33"   143rd & Nall
  • 1.52"   Olathe North HS

Friday, July 27, 2007

It's Raining!

Good Evening,

It is raining here in Olathe, As of 9:37pm we have 0.79" of Rain!! Look at the radar image at 9:22pm this evening, the front is now almost stationary. This will give us a chance of rain during the weekend. I'll have more Saturday Evening, As I won't be home from 7:30am-6:00pm.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Rain in KC!

Good Afternoon,

It rained at my House in Olathe, We got 0.73". Look at the radar from12:22pm Today, the Black dotted line in up in the Northeast is a another disturbance that is coming by. There is a 30% of Redevelopment later this Afternoon. More Rain Chances this week, I be updating the Forecasts later this Afternoon, also.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Rain Chances!

Good Evening,

On the Radar map, the dryer air, with Dew points in the 50s has move back northeast, the front dwn South is still stalled, where there are some Thunder Storms developing. As another small disturbance comes by, we will see a chance
for some spotty showers/storms Sunday Morning. clik to enlarge map.

It's Raining a little bit!

Good Saturday Morning,

It is raining here in Olathe. If you look at the two picture, both of radar. You will see one with counties outlined in yellow (below),this is Kansas City Weather's watch area, like a viewer area almost. The other one is of radar (above)and I painted where the dew points, Mid 60's to Upper 50's line is. The Front is a warm/stalled Front that will move very slowly this way increasing the Humidity. Today will be nice, with Highs around 85 degrees. I'll try to blog later to see where that front is. Have a Great Weekend! Click to enlarge both pics!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Update: 1:50pm

Good Friday Afternoon,

Very Spotty Showers and maybe a T-Storm have around for this whole day and now there could be a chance everyday! I have not put it in the 5 Day Forecast yet until more data comes in. Look at the Radar at 1:55pm, the Cold Front is stalled and is not really there any more (red,and Blue line), and the Nice Dryer, non humid air is still up North not really moving ( brown line). How do I know this? Those big Numbers on the radar are station Plots (KCI,KJOC, etc) The Red numbers are the Temperatures, the Yellow Numbers is the Dew point. When Dew points are in the Mid 60s-lower 70s it is Humid! We have a new Forum, a place to post weather pictures and talk about the weather! Click Here to go to the Forum.


Good Friday Afternoon,

Amazing, 1-2"+ of rain fell just South of KC in Miami,Linn Countys in KS. Look at the radar from this morning the Cold Front ( blue) is draped down south almost stalled, as it is almost nothing now. With Day Time Heating there is a 20% chance of a spotty shower. The Dryer Air (brown) is up North and may stay up North, leaving us with the Humidity Today. Highs will be in the mid 80s. KC will get up to 84 degrees this Afternoon. I'll blog later to see where the Dryer air is. Around 1pm or 2pm this afternoon. Have a Great Day!

----Update 10:15am---
Weather Cast is updated! Same Link as in the last entry.

Thursday, July 19, 2007


Good Evening,

All I can say is wow! Rain is developing along the Front down South while we are staying dry!! Weather Cast has been updated in a different way tonight and on nights I can't get the video done. Click here to see. It is in .pdf form so you will need Adobe Reader 5.0 or higher. Have a great Night!

---- Update, 11:43pm----
Above-Radar at 11:53pm 7-19-07 Click to enlarge

I posted a pic of the radar at 11:53pm 7-19-07
Rain is developing along the Cold Front and entering Johnson County,KS. There might be some hope after all. I would put the chance of rain at a 30% chance Tonight.

New Poll! And this Afternoon's forecast

Good Afternoon,

I put a new poll on the blog, if you have any suggestions for the New product, Weather Cast Plus, email me at .
Now look at the surface map (upper right) I've posted from Today at 2:07pm the Cold front is starting to slow down and stall right over us!! If you look on the Visible Satellite (upper left)you can see a little Upper Level low (the white L)going by. The Cold Front will be moving thru in the next few hours as it keeps slowing down. I'll be getting the 5 Day Forecast and Planner updated maybe Weather Cast. I'll blog more later. Click the pics to enlarge them.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I'm Back!

Good Wednesday Early Afternoon,
I'm back from 3 days of fun in Branson,MO. Where I went to Silver Dollar City and drove Go-Karts!! The weather looks nice today then a Cold Front comes thru the area with rain looking likely Thursday. I'll try to get Weather Cast updated. Don't forget about our new product Weather Cast Plus!! Blog more later (hopefully today) :).

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Severe T-Storm Watch

A Severe T-Storm Watch is in effect until 10pm tonight, there has also been one Tornado Report. Stay Safe! More to come!

Happy 4th of July!

Hope everybody has a great 4the of July, the rain chances have gone down from a 60% to 40%. Look at the Surface Map as of 11:16am, the Cold Front is almost here, and it is very, very weak. I think the fireworks will be able to go on with no problems! I'll try to update your 4th of July forecast as more data comes and maybe even Weather Cast! As of now I now would put the chance of rain down to a 30%. Don't forget to check out a New Product Weather Cast Plus, see more info in the last blog entry below. I'll try to blog later too. My family's going over to a friends house in Cleveland,MO.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

New Product! And rain on the 4th of July?

Good Evening,
It will rain tomorrow, looks to be before and after the fireworks. I'll have more tomorrow. We have a new product called Weather Cast Plus! Get a video forecast for any city in the U.S. for 50� a forecast- - - cheaper than other weather sites!! :) Go to for more info.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Dry Finally!

Good Late Evening,
The 5 day, the planner, and Tuesday's Weather Cast is updated! One more dry day then a chance of rain on the 4th of July, hopefully not during the fireworks but there is a possibility. No big warm ups are in the Forecast, Expect a wet and humid July, so more flooding is possible. :( I have more Tomorrow.