Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Tropics and Weekend Weather


Good Thursday Morning,

Hurricane Humberto has made land fall as a minimal hurricane, Category one. Our Weather is staying a little cool today, in the morning anyway, then it warms up to around 85F!! Looking at the new data, there is a 20% Chance of rain Saturday as warm air comes back in. Look at the two pictures (click to enlarge) I posted comparing KCI's Year-to-Date Rainfall with Johnson County Executive Airports Year-to-date rainfall amounts. Amazing! They are not too far from each other! Look how much JOCO Executive Airport (31.81) has compared to KCI (22.33)! JOCO Executive Airport has 9.48 more inches of rain than KCI!! I'll blog later on the chance of rain!! Don't forget to write a comment or two on what you think of this!!

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