Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Snowfall Forecast#1

Good Evening,

Below is the snowfall forecast for Thursday, the 00z data is not looking good. This storm looks to be going to far south for KC to get much snow. 1-4" is looking less, and less likely. In fact, a Dusting to 1" is looking much better than 3"+. We'll see what happens with overnight data. I'll either update my snowfall forecast tomorrow or leave it. Depending on radar trends in the morning,where the storm system is located,etc. The snow will start somewhere around 6-11am in the morning. Probably around 9-10am.
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Have a Great Night,



  1. Andrew, seriously, don't get into a match with Brian on Lezak's blog ... it's not worth it.

  2. I'm not, I got to get to bed.

    Pray for Brian to see that the Bible is not fiction, and get to bed.

  3. Andrew, brother, you are casting your pearls before swine ...

    Rev. Rick McGinniss

  4. Hey i'm right there with ya andrew

    Beliver in Christ as well as a weather nut. I gotta go with Rick onthis one.. let brian be for a while.. at least on the Lezak blog.

    I'll pray for brian as well.

    So where u two from? rick and andrew?

    I"m up on the northeast side near pleasent vally baptist church at 291 and Stark road.


  5. Before I call it a night, I wanted to clarify what I was asking about on the other blog. You mentioned being a meterologist from a biblical perspective. Have you thought through exactly what that means in terms of how you do your forecasting and presentations? Just curious.

    P.S. I sent an email to the weather team asking them to truncate the blog from about 11:15 on. I'm not sure that it is edifying to anyone to read that.

  6. smmikeman - I live over on the other side of the Northland near 64th and I-29. I'm also pastor of North Heartland Community Church near 152 and Green Hills.

    What does "smmikeman" mean?

    (Sorry to hijack the blog, Andrew!)

  7. Andrew,

    While I respect you're enthusiasm for weather (I have it just as bad as you! lol), I really think you should tone it down a little on the NBC blog. I think you can put your opinion on there, but keep it weather related. I think you are bringing way to much religion into what is supposed to be a scientific realm. I'm not saying that you shouldn't be religious, I just really think you should keep it to yourself. I go to that blog to get weather information, not a sermon on God. So, unless you are wanting to pick a fight, I would really consider toning it down a little. And its not just tonight either, its just been worse tonight.

    I am really being honest here, not trying to be mean, I just don't want you to start making a fool of yourself.

    Oh, and I am still willing to help you with your graphics for you forecasts, just email me if you'd like any help.


  8. It's good to see people believe in christ these days..

  9. I'm from Olathe, I go to Countryside Baptist Church. (

    Thanks Everybody for you help. I know that sometimes I get a little too crazy. Sometimes I wish everybody saw the Weather as I do, that God controls it, and that He has a purpose for everything

  10. Rick,

    I'll be getting started on that. I read a book about 1 yr ago called "Weather and the Bible" by Donald B. Deyoung

    Very Good book, it's a 100 question and answer book. And the 1st question that was what I needed was "Should a Christian become a meteorologist?"

  11. Hey rick smmikeman is...

    sm--- first two letters of my last name

    mike--- my first name

    man--- i'm a guy

    Northland Community Church.. .. i know a lady i use to work with goes there... she works or did at Golden oaks School... man i cant remember her name for the life of me.. but we've had some good christian talks!

    ..and I go to Antioch Bible Baptist Church.

  12. smmikeman,

    Thanks! You have a cool user name.
    I go to Countryside Baptist Church in Olathe.