Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Snowfall Forecast... or to warm for snow?

Good Evening,

The 5 day forecast is updated, so click on the link to the left. Now onto the forecast, tomorrow is hard to forecast. Will the Temperatures stay above freezing most of the day? I think they will, as they could get up close to 40 degrees. Then there could be a little bit of snow. Here's the Snow fall Forecast:

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The Light Dusting is still out on the Limb,and might be still little too far south, the best chance for 1"+ will be up by St. Joesph and points north. Here's a table of If the temperature is at that degrees what precipitation would fall:

36F+: Rain
35F : Rain/Snow (Mostly Rain)
34F : Snow/Rain (Mostly Snow)
33F or Below: Snow

I'll have an update tomorrow morning.


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