Friday, November 14, 2008

Rollercoaster Ride continues!

Good Evening,

The COLD Blast is here!! And tomorrow you will feel the brunt of winter with NW 15-25mph, Wind Chills between 20-25 degrees, and Highs only around 38. But look at the GFS forecast for Sunday Afternoon:

A Warm Front approaches the area, and with West, down sloping winds we will see a BIG warm up. Highs Sunday could be around 60!! When air comes down the rocky mountains, it compresses and warms up in the plains this is as said above down sloping. Then we go down a hill again for Monday (see 7 Day Forecast) This years weather pattern continues to setup and I believe that it is around a 45 day cycle (give or take a few).

Have a Great Weekend!

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