Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Updated: 11:15pm

Good Late Evening,
Below is the latest snowfall Forecast, things have shifted again!! The 6"-12"+ appears to be likely up north now. The KC Metro will about 2"-6" with more north and west of KC. If there is any Thunder-Snow then that will increase the amounts in isolated areas.
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Also, here is the Central Plains Loop (click to enlarge, then loop), can you find the Upper Level Low? The Snow is developing across Kansas with the heaviest,again,being north and west of KC. The Severe T-Storms which have cause major devastation in Arkansas, Tennessee continue to move east along the Cold Front. I'll try to get pictures tomorrow from those areas. Speaking of Pictures, send in your snow photos to: stafandt@earthlink.net.

More updates will come if needed,

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