Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Snow? Freezing Rain? Rain? Sleet? Any of thes in the next few days?

Well,right now you can eliminate Freezing Rain,and Sleet. For Thursday the forecast still looks like rain, but could there be snow? Take a look at the latest NAM is does not looks good for rain or any precip. There could be light snow/rain by the Iowa/Missouri border.

Below is the surface data from 9:33pm today. That Cold Front up north will accelerate its way through us early tomorrow morning. Looking on to next week, we could see rain Saturday and Sunday. Another storm system comes Tuesday too. Could we see some Freezing Rain,Sleet, or Snow? Maybe, way too early to tell.

I'm updating the 5 Day, so it will be online between 10:15 and10:30pm.
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