Thursday, November 29, 2007

Weekend storm update

GFS 00z, click to enlarge

Good Evening,
There are Winter Storm Watches for Northern Missouri and Northwest Kansas from Friday night until Saturday Night. It appears we will all see rain. :( Saturday Morning there could be some Freezing Rain, but a warm front will surge north allowing it to change all over to rain. For Snow Lovers (including myself) this is sad and frustrating. Maybe tomorrow the models will start changing their story with something we like. There is still a small chance that the storm track could shift to the south,which would mean snow. But is is not looking good!! Will the Arctic Air get it's act together? Will the Storm Track Shift? These are questions that remain to be answered. To see pictures from my Florida trip just look below at the last blog entry.**
** I am a Jurassic Park Fan!**

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  1. Andrew, you have an excellent blog site! I'm jeallous of the Fla vacation........, I haven't been there since 93.. I would suggest not doing the type in code thing. That turns people off who otherwise might comment.