Thursday, November 29, 2007

Trip pics!

Good Afternoon,

I'll will update the blog when the new data rolls in, and talk about this weekends’ storm. But for now here are a few pictures from my Florida trip!! I'll try to get more, as I have 3-4 CD ROM's full of photos from the beach, theme parks, etc. Click any of them to enlarge them.
Above: My Dad with the Universal Studios "World" behind him
Below: My Dad pretending to get shocked by a electric fence

Below: Me standing in front of the Jurassic Park car, with the Spino behind it.


  1. No way you went to Universal studios?

    I have been there too!

    we went to Islands of Adventure and was awesome

    I had no idea you were close to my age......

    well I don't know if we will even see freezing rain...its not looking good right now

  2. a winter storm watch has been issued for the northern part of the viewing area...thats a tiny bit exciting...but I just don't know if this arctic air will get its act together...a lot of people have observed that its getting colder than the models and Gary predicts each night...could this be the case with this weekend? I don't see how it could possibly warm up during the night saturday...all the other stations are predicting it to get colder into sunday morning....we can always hope that the arctic air blasts in on friday and ALL the precip is snow! thats a long shot eh? but I can hope...

    may not be that good of a winter...

  3. Yes, That was my first time there! I am a Jurassic Park Freak!! And Weather Freak!