Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Rain chances slim.

Good Morning,

The Storm System going by today is going far south, which means, the rain chacne will be around 30%-40%. The farther South you go, better is the chance for rain. I next chance is slim too, Friday. Our Severe Weather Chance for Saturday and Sunday is still slim. We need to wait a few more days before talking about the Severe Wx Threat. The SPC still says in their 4-8 day outllook that we will have a chance for Severe Wx. I am updating the 5 Day as new data is coming in.


  1. are you a meteorologist?

  2. "Are you Meteorologist?"
    I am in 10th Grade and love weather. My website forecast are just what I think using my knowledge that I know right now of forecasting. I have met Gary Lezak and have emailed him map. He is helping me learn more about weather. And in about 2 yrs, I will be going to college Lord willing. And become officially a Meteorologist!! I am also reading books of forecasting. I also use the LRC( Gary Leazaks Theory) for Forecasting.