Monday, April 23, 2007

Moderate Risk

Good Afternoon,

We are in a Moderate Risk for Severe Weather Tuesday. I hoping for some rain in the morning and the warm front to stay south. I am not completely sold on this, it is not a classic set-up. Watch the skies and Pray!! I have more tonight when the latest data is in.
**UPDATE 10:00pm**
There is a Tornado Watches across KS now including Wichita, KS, there could be some rain in the morning w/a chance of Severe Weather. Our best chance will be tomorrow evening and possibly early Wednesday. We'll have to see the overnight data before I say whether or not the Severe Wx will be there. As I said above, if it rains and stays cloudy all day, the rain would help keep temps cool. We'll just have to see tomorrow morning.

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