Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Roller Coaster Ride, Are you ready? & 7 day updated

Good Evening bloggers,

The 7 day forecast is updated! I have been busy tonight getting the forecasts ready plus looking at the weather pattern. I will be doing a Winter Forecast in a few weeks as I study the weather pattern. I think the pattern might be between 45-48 day cycle, but I'm researching it still. Look at the graphic describing Friday's cold front:

As you can see we are expecting some rain. right now it appears totals will be around .25" to .50" locally there could be pockets of 1" as of looking at the models right now. Things will/are changing.

Then the chance of flurries appears very slim right now for Friday night into Saturday. It will be cold Saturday with Highs only in the upper 30s, and winds will be howling from the NW at around 15-25mph. Wind Chills could be anywhere around 10 degrees to 24 degrees. On Sunday we could get up to almost 60 degrees, before another cold front comes through.

So get ready for a Roller Coaster ride!
I expect lows to be around 35 degrees with St. Joseph maybe getting around 30 degrees.
Have a great Night for those of you who are still up,


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