Thursday, May 1, 2008

Moderate RISK for Severe Weather

Good Afternoon,

Look below at the Surface Map from 12:43pm:

A Cold Front, Dry line, and the High dew points, and Temperatures in the 80s are all coming together for a possible Severe Weather Outbreak. Here is the Visible sat. Pic:

We have to watch the area of clearing, the cap is slowly eroding,and as soon it has eroded enough; Strong to Severe T-Storms will develop. Right now the main threats are Large Hail, and Damaging Winds. But, Tornadoes are also an Isolated threat,the 1st T-Storms to develop will have the potential for tornadoes before forming into a Squall Line. Here is the latest SPC Day 1 Outlook:

We will be watching this, and you can too! With LIVE Storm Tracker Doppler, just click the link to the right. I'll have an update around 4pm or so!

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