Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Snow Fall Forecast

Good Afternoon,

Here is the latest snowfall forecast below, I do think that 3-6" will fall in the Metro. 6-10"+ are possible up by St. Joseph!
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The latest warnings,and advisories:

I-70 and North have a Winter Storm Warnings, I-70 and South have a Winter Weather Advisory. I do think however, that that Johnson County,KS,and Jackson County,Mo and few other counties along I-70 will be included in the Winter Storm Warning later today. We have a little break for now, then around 3-4pm, Freezing Rain,Sleet,and Snow will develop, and by around 7-8pm we should all have snow in the area, except for places down South like Harrisonville,Mo which might not see the changeover until around Midnight or so. The SPC has also issued the 1st High Risk of Severe Weather of the season for parts of Arkansas,Missourri,and Tennessee. So this storm system is very strong.

Stay Tuned for more updates!


  1. I like your numbers!

  2. It's kinda funny your blogs are really based on the other two local blogs... maybe you should work on some originality? BTW, your previous link to the 'proof' that global warming is fiction is very clearly a very biased source that based it's conclusion on an article from nasa that said _nothing_ about the sun's 'conveyor belts' and their effect on the earth's climate. Any logical conclusion of the effect on the climate of the earth could not have come from the original nasa study... unless you change the rules of logic

  3. Dear Anonymous,
    Give the guy a break? What should one do on a weather blog besides talk about and predict the weather, show maps and discuss his theories about the topic? Should he have circus elephants in mini-skirts doing tricks? It is easy to criticize and difficult to create. Why don't you get busy and type all of your negative paragraphs into a book about global warming?