Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A Gloomy Tuesday

Good Afternoon,

Look at First Alert Storm scan Doppler Radar (click to enlarge), you can see very Heavy Rain coming towards KC. This could be Round 1, as the Cold Front is lagging behind. The 2nd Round could be severe, I'll keep you updated on the blog!! Send your Rain Totals!!

Have a Great Tuesday,


  1. Are you using StormLab for your First Alert Storm Scan Radar? I don't particularly favor StormLab 4.0. My favorite by far is GRLevel3. I think you would like it too. It features a fully customizable interface that can help you make the radar display the way you want it to look. It is much faster than StormLab too. On zoom, GRLevel3 gives you an instant response while StormLab is lagging behing and takes at least one to two seconds to zoom and render.

    Anyway, when you get a chance, search GRLevel3 on Google.com and you will see all of the information that Gibson Ridge Software offers. I really think you will like that much better. And you can even view storms in Three Dimensions like on Television.

  2. Yes, I do use StormLab, and I have tried GRLevel 3, I like the Analyst Edition, but StormLab has Pathcast which I really like, and it's fully customizable to. From the METARS to the Lightning Data to the Color Tables to the Storm Icons.