Friday, July 20, 2007

Update: 1:50pm

Good Friday Afternoon,

Very Spotty Showers and maybe a T-Storm have around for this whole day and now there could be a chance everyday! I have not put it in the 5 Day Forecast yet until more data comes in. Look at the Radar at 1:55pm, the Cold Front is stalled and is not really there any more (red,and Blue line), and the Nice Dryer, non humid air is still up North not really moving ( brown line). How do I know this? Those big Numbers on the radar are station Plots (KCI,KJOC, etc) The Red numbers are the Temperatures, the Yellow Numbers is the Dew point. When Dew points are in the Mid 60s-lower 70s it is Humid! We have a new Forum, a place to post weather pictures and talk about the weather! Click Here to go to the Forum.

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